Very few people particularly like visiting the dentist, but some are particularly phobic. Dental phobia is extremely common, but those suffering from it will often neglect their health rather than look for a solution. An alternative is to opt for sleep sedation, and this sleep dentist is the best in Colorado.

An incredible thirty percent of people avoid their dentist because of their fear. Neglecting dental health is a real problem, as any problems will become much worse without help. By the time a person is forced to seek help the remedy can require extensive treatment which is the last thing someone with a phobia about dentists needs.

Being heavily sedated is the best solution for anyone who is fearful. It’s very safe when performed by a trained and experienced professional who often carries out this procedure. The fact that it is administered intravenously allows patients to enter a deeply relaxed state whilst still in the dental chair.

The name sleep dentistry is slightly misleading as the patient is in a state of deep relaxation rather than in a deep sleep. Being deeply relaxed allows the dentist to complete the procedure. During that time the patient will be blissfully unaware of what is going on.

However they will still be conscious enough to understand any instructions given by the dentist or anything they are told. However once the sedation wears off its highly likely that they won’t have any recollection of what has just happened. It can be a real surprise to find out how much time has passed since they were first sedated.

The drugs are administered through a catheter which is either in the hand or the arm of the patient. The catheter remains in place until the procedure is over so that any top ups can be given easily and quickly. All the time the patient is sedated they are cared for by a highly trained team of professionals who will monitor all their vital signs ensuring the procedure is extremely safe.

Typical signs which are monitored throughout include the heart rate and oxygen levels. The patient’s blood pressure is also taken before the procedure begins and afterwards. Nobody particularly likes having injections, but anyone who is particularly worried about it can choose to have the injection site numbed with a special cream.

The drugs typically used for sleep sedation are anti anxiety drugs, and the dentist may choose to use just one or a combination of drugs. Once given the patient feels very relaxed and forgets their anxiety. Afterwards patients often feel quite sleepy, but may have little or no memory of the treatment.

It is important that anyone having this procedure brings someone with them. The reason for this is that they will almost certainly feel quite woozy for a while afterwards and will need help getting home as they certainly cannot drive. It’s quite common to want to sleep for a while afterwards.

Most procedures take about a couple of hours. If the procedure is likely to take longer than it may be necessary to come back for another appointment. Sleep sedation is incredibly safe and is suitable for most people. Your dentist will want to know if there are any reasons not to sedate you and will ask for a full medical history. If you think sedation sounds like a good idea, then this sleep dentist is the best in Colorado.

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