The options available to you if you have damaged or unhealthy teeth are variable depending on what you can afford and what your local practitioners offer. As technology has developed, so the methods are being enhanced and there is a process of putting crowns on teeth with CEREC. Compared to the traditional process, this is a much faster and manageable procedure for both yourself and your dentist.

Normal crowning is used for structure and support for any tooth that has been cracked or suffered from decay. The teeth must be washed, any rot or infection must be cleared up and cleaned out and then, using a dental drill, the tooth is shaped and cut down ready for the cover. Your dentist would make a putty mold of your entire mouth and send this off to the scientists at an external lab, who would then construct a crown based on your measurements and dimensions and shade. This can take between two to three weeks depending on the complexity of the cut.

CEREC has allowed vast progression in this journey. The entire process can take only one visit as everything is performed on site. In some cases you can be fitted and satisfied within an hour. Because everything is done where you are, the dentist will have greater control over the outcome shade and coloring of your teeth.

The process begins exactly as traditionally with the tooth being cleansed and shaped. Then, rather than using the dental putty, a digital image is taken of the entire mouth using a specially designed camera for the process. This is converted into a 3D architectural image which can be recreated.

At this stage both you and your dentist will ensure that the image is accurate and if this is the case the new technology of a milling machine will be put to work. A block of fresh, sterile ceramic is chipped away at by the machine until it resembles the tooth it is going to replace. There are a variety of these machines available and the quickest takes only six minutes.

The benefits of processing everything in-house are shown when the dentist has access to the newly crafted replacement to make sure it has the same look as the rest of your teeth, something they had no control over when it was produced in the laboratory. Knowing your mouth as they do, an accurate copy can be made. The final step is to fix the replacement in place with cement.

The most surprising aspect of this procedure is that the cost to undergo the new crowning procedure is in exactly the same price range as the original crowning method. As a guide, you will be paying between three hundred dollars up to about one thousand dollars. This depends on the extent of damage and the number of dentures it is being applied to.

The process of putting crowns on teeth with CEREC has had a profound effect on dental practice. Orthodontics is a field of great research and development at the moment. If you require assistance or further information, contact your dentist or search in your local area or online.

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